Saturday, March 31, 2007


I just signed up for a MyLot account in order to help promote this blog as well as earn some side income. MyLot is a forum website where you get paid for generating quality discussions and submitting quality responses to other discussions. It is completely free to join. I have a link in my profile there to this website and started a discussion on blog promotion there that included a link to this blog. I think fledgling Internet Marketers should give the site a look as even if you fail to drive any traffic to your blog or website, you will have gotten paid for participating in discussions (but don't expect to get rich!). I'll keep everyone posted of my results.

Balance: $100

The Warrior Forum

While I wait to get my $100 into PayPal, I've been reading The Warrior Forum. For those of you who don't know, The Warrior Forum is the premier Internet Marketing forum. Many successful marketers are always answering questions and divulging valuable secrets. Everyone is also tremendously friendly as well. Every Internet Marketing newbie not reading The Warrior Forum is doing themselves a disservice.

Balance: $100


I signed up as an affiliate to promote AGLOCO, the reincarnation of AllAdvantage. AGLOCO works by users downloading a toolbar that displays customized ads, and in turn users get a percentage of the overall revenue generated by AGLOCO based on how many hours they surf (maximum of 5 per month) and how many individuals they refer. It's free to sign up and free to download the toolbar.

Things I Like About AGLOCO:
1. Free to sign up and use
2. Many levels of referrals (For instance, if I refer someone who then refers someone who then refers someone else who then refers someone else, that last person counts as a member of my "extended network")
3. Large potential userbase (who doesn't surf the Internet?)
4. It's still early as the toolbar hasn't been released yet (meaning affiliates can build a large network)

Things I Don't Like About AGLOCO:
1. Toolbar hasn't been released yet and has been delayed
2. Many things are still unclear as the toolbar has yet to be released
3. No tools for managing a referral network

All that being said, there is truly nothing to lose as it doesn't cost anything to sign up which is why I did. I think AGLOCO is a good starting point for me as it allows for the eventual creation of passive income, as I will surf the Internet no matter what. Plus I already have 3 referrals with very minor effort on my part! If you are interested in joining and would like a great resource for learning how to build your referral network, I'd highly recommend Agloco Connect.
The site has a wealth of AGLOCO-specific marketing techniques.

Balance: $100


Welcome! This blog will be where I chronicle everything I do in my attempt to build a profitable online business starting with just $100. I will post reviews of products and services I encounter as well as give frequent updates on my progress. It should be a great learning tool for other people wondering if they can make money online. My reviews will be unbiased and objective. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know as I'd be thrilled to hear them.