Saturday, March 31, 2007


I signed up as an affiliate to promote AGLOCO, the reincarnation of AllAdvantage. AGLOCO works by users downloading a toolbar that displays customized ads, and in turn users get a percentage of the overall revenue generated by AGLOCO based on how many hours they surf (maximum of 5 per month) and how many individuals they refer. It's free to sign up and free to download the toolbar.

Things I Like About AGLOCO:
1. Free to sign up and use
2. Many levels of referrals (For instance, if I refer someone who then refers someone who then refers someone else who then refers someone else, that last person counts as a member of my "extended network")
3. Large potential userbase (who doesn't surf the Internet?)
4. It's still early as the toolbar hasn't been released yet (meaning affiliates can build a large network)

Things I Don't Like About AGLOCO:
1. Toolbar hasn't been released yet and has been delayed
2. Many things are still unclear as the toolbar has yet to be released
3. No tools for managing a referral network

All that being said, there is truly nothing to lose as it doesn't cost anything to sign up which is why I did. I think AGLOCO is a good starting point for me as it allows for the eventual creation of passive income, as I will surf the Internet no matter what. Plus I already have 3 referrals with very minor effort on my part! If you are interested in joining and would like a great resource for learning how to build your referral network, I'd highly recommend Agloco Connect.
The site has a wealth of AGLOCO-specific marketing techniques.

Balance: $100

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